Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Connor playin

Now when Jordan is in class I will normaly take Connor into the gym with me and i'll hit baseballs while Connor plays around the gym. I've done this pretty much since Connor was 6months old. The other day when I was hitting Connor went into the baseball closet and when he came out he had a helmet on and had a bat (a big bat). It was so cute and so I stopped what I was doing and just kept watching for his next move. He ended up stumbling over to where I was, grapped a baseball and put it on a "T", stepped back whipped his bat on his shoulders, and took a hack. Surprising enough, he hit it solid-just like daddy :-). He did this routine for the next 15 minutes.
So today we all went to the gym to play and we thought it would be fun to try and capture Connor in action.


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

That is so cute. Like OMG adorable!

Cami Claire said...

That is freaking adorable! I love it! The hat is the best part!

Jack and Alyssa said...

Oh my goodness that is sooo cute! I can't believe how big he is! The video of him talking was just adorable! I'm so happy you guys are blogging again!!!

Cheryl said...

Hi guys. So we accidentally deleted our blog. OUr new one is

Hope you guys are doing well!

Barbara said...

Love it! Connor is so fun! I'm excited for your next one too.